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Client shall provide AbacusHKCPA with a copy of his/her passport for AbacusHKCPA's records. AbacusHKCPA shall retain the copy of Client's passport in strict confidence unless required to disclose the same to a bank or brokerage firm to open an account or by a competent court of law or otherwise instructed by the Client.
Client shall provide AbacusHKCPA with updated contact details and instructions regarding restrictions on communication matters.
Client shall not involve the Company in any unlawful act or undertaking as the same may be defined in various jurisdictions in which Client's Company does business. It shall be Client's sole responsibility to determine whether any such acts or undertakings are unlawful. AbacusHKCPA shall not be responsible for any unlawful act or undertaking in which the Client or Client's Company has been engaged.
Client shall ensure that the Company has sufficient funds to meet its commitments to AbacusHKCPA and other third party suppliers of services and/or products in a timely manner. AbacusHKCPA shall not be responsible for financial commitments of Client's Company.
AbacusHKCPA expressly disclaims any liability to the Client, the Company, and any third parties for any damage or loss to the Client, the Company or any other Person arising out of the use of the Company and/or Services by the Client or any other Person.
Client shall indemnify and hold harmless AbacusHKCPA, its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims, actions, costs (including legal) and liabilities arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions of Business and the Services provided to the Company.
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