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Service Terms


Client means the owner or owners of the Company or Person or Persons authorised by the owner(s) who have requested AbacusHKCPAto provide Services to the owner(s) or authorised person(s) of the company and in the case of more than one owner or person mean such owners or persons jointly and severally.

Client’s Appointees means any and all persons who may from time to time be nominated, appointed or act as director, alternate director, secretary, manager, partner, trustee, protector, bank signatory, other officer, grantee of a power of attorney, administrator, registered agent, or provider of a registered office, address for legal service, or registered shareholder of the Company.

Company means any company, trust, foundation or other legally recognized structure established and/or administered by AbacusHKCPA.

Person means any human, firm, company or other body incorporated or unincorporated.

Services means, but are not limited to, company formation, management, administration, registered agent, company secretarial, bank or brokerage introductions, trustee, advisory and other related services provided by AbacusHKCPAto Client's Company.

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AbacusHKCPA - Certified Public Accountants base in Hong Kong (HK) - ACCA, HKICPA, providing services of

company formation, financial management, business advisory, accounting and auditing.