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Closing a Hong Kong company - Method and Fee
There are several methods to close a limited company.
However, they are not free for the choice of shareholders and directors. Specific conditions need to be met for the applicability of different method :
Hong Kong Company De-registration
This is the least costly way to bring a Hong Kong limited company to an end.

Some criteria applies includes:
  • Ceased business;
  • No outsider liability;
  • No outstanding liability to government, both in money and in document filing, e.g. tax return;
  • Director to guarantee meeting criteria and keep record for future purpose.
Deregister a Hong Kong Company is simple. Answer some simple questions to
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Hong Kong Company Winding up
There are different types of winding-up :
  1. Members voluntary winding-up
    • Consent of and initiated by all members;
    • Financially solvent.

  2. Creditors voluntary winding-up
    • Approved and initiated by directors;
    • Financially in-solvent;
    • Not via court proceeding;
    • Liquidator appointed by directors or by creditors.

  3. Creditor Compulsory winding-up
    • Initiated by creditors;
    • Financially in-solvent;
    • Court proceeding;
    • Provisional / Liquidator appointed by court.
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